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The aim this week was to narrow down the number of concepts and begin prototyping to see which ideas seem to hold the most promise for success.

Assignment 4.2 Prototyping

posted Nov 15, 2013, 6:43 PM by Rose Almond   [ updated Nov 15, 2013, 6:43 PM ]

For my prototypes I focused on two main user needs that the product needs to address and built specific prototypes to test how well the designs meet these. I also created a second set of prototypes to test out the feasibility of a simplified (non-powered) self-brewing system.

Prototyping Group 1: How does the shape feel in the hand and fit in the car cup holder?
I created three very simple prototypes from materials lying around to demonstrate the effectiveness of the shape of the selected concepts:

A- Integrated Cone Handle
This was relatively quick and easy to make, though the size of the cup used was not ideal. a larger cup would be better. generally the handle was not very comfortable and was more in the way than useful.

B- Lip Rest, Push to Open
I- Cylindrical Plug
These two designs were combined together for this prototype as the styles were very similar. Both the rubber grip and wrist strap were very useful and convenient to  hold this shape.

C- Proximity Sensor
This was the most complex shape due to the curvy shape. The shape was nice to hold and the ridge if positioned finger width apart were comfortable and made the grip more secure.

Testing- Hand grip

Testing - Main Car Cup Holder

The main cup holder for the driver in my car is located next the steering wheel on the dashboard (surprising convenient though a shock at first). Each of the model was placed into the cup holder to see how well it fit and how stable it was.

There wasn't a clear winner here, but the curvy shape was certainly the worst for stability.        

Testing- Secondary Car Cup Holder

I have  second accessible cup holder in the centre of the car between the driver and passenger seats. Each prototype was also tested in this holder, though the results were mostly the same.


Prototyping Group 2: How to brew a single cup of coffee on the go?

To tackle this question and find out if this is really a feasible concept I created four simple prototypes:

1- Coffee bag.     

2- Tall Removable Permanent Filter. 

3- Top Load Permanent filter                                

4- Built in Filtration system        

Clearly the coffee bag was a no go. It barely gave the coffee any colour or flavour. The others all produced acceptable coffee (though the top load took an unacceptable length of time to do so). i also noticed that the two filter styles both left a nasty brown sludge at the bottom of the cup afterwards(see below). Not ideal.


The built in system  was the clear winner from this quickfire test. The coffee came out smooth and had no grains, though some questions about performance on a larger scale still remain.

Assignment 4.1 Concept Selection

posted Nov 14, 2013, 5:35 PM by Rose Almond   [ updated Nov 14, 2013, 5:35 PM ]

Being relatively left brained, I used the concept scoring matrix to help narrow down my concepts for prototyping.

Using this any concepts scoring 3.00 or less were automatically discounted. I also chose to discount the disposable heat pack concept at this point due to a lack of knowledge surrounding the chemicals needed to create the heat packs safely.

Also moving forward, the time limit of this course (and my current schedule) means that full development of the electro-mechanical side of the self brew concept is not really feasible. I am however intrigued by the concept and will continue to work on this, in a simplified way, as part of the concept development of the other designs.

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